ITC is a building technologies company which provides knowledge, innovation, and expertise in the areas of building automation systems, electronic security systems, and IT solutions. There are many companies providing one or many services similar to ITC; however, the clients who choose to work with us do so because we are a unique and trusted full-service resource.





We are a hands-on company that provides solutions for our clients’ problems and anticipates future problems before they arise.


Our team has a proven track record in each of our respective service offerings. We bring them all together to maximize our clients’ buildings and infrastructure.

High Quality Service

We provide the highest quality implementation for all our services. Clients stick with us long- term because we pay attention to every detail.





Yosof Barakat – President, CEO

Yosof has a Degree of Applied Science in Electronics and Computer Technology and over 18 years of experience with HVAC and Building Automation Systems. He has been heavily involved in consulting and designing mechanical systems and Building Management Systems for Mission Critical Facilities. Other relevant experience includes project management, development and implementation of intricate control sequences, development of intuitive GUI displays for user-friendly building automation system, operator training, extensive point-to-point checkout and startup of systems and troubleshooting electrical and mechanical systems.

Tye Maxson – Vice President, CFO

Tye has a Mechanical Engineering degree and over 28 years of experience with HVAC, Building Automation Systems, and Electronic Security Systems. He has a diverse background and brings a unique well-rounded perspective to systems design and implementation. With him, Tye brings knowledge and expertise in building automation systems, electronic security systems, fire detection systems, HVAC systems, sales and operations management, project management, engineering design, and management and applications consulting.